Jeep reaches compromise with NHTSA on recalls; GM to recall some older SUVs

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June 17, 2013
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June 19, 2013

There’s lots of recall news this week.  Jeep has agreed to recall as many as 1.56 million 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty vehicles, rather than the 2.7 million that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requested.  Now exempt from the recall are 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees that were once on the list.

Today would have been the deadline for an agreement.  Also, as part of the recall, Jeep doesn’t have to refer to the recalled vehicles as “defective”, which will help the company in lawsuits relative to the vehicles.  The agreement calls for dealers to make a “visual inspection of the vehicle” and empowers them to “if necessary,provide an upgrade to the rear structure of the vehicle to better manager crash forces in low speed impact.”

NHTSA is quoted as saying that Chrysler has agreed to take action to protect its customers and the driving public, but it appears that they are reserving the right to bring the issue up again.  They say, “We will continue our investigation into this issue, pending the agency’s review of the documents provided by Chrysler…”.


GM Recall: Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Saab, Isuzu,

It continues to be a busy year for recalls and summer is just officially here.  GM is recalling the following vehicles because a short in the mater door and power door on the driver’s side can cause fires.

  • 2006-7 Chevy Trailerblazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Ranier, Saab 9-7x and Isuzu Ascender
  • 2006 Chevy Trailblazer EXT and GMC Envoy XL

This is actually an extension of an August, 2012, recall for about 250,000 of the same trucks in 20 snowbelt states.  The addition affects another 193,000+ vehicles that had not been affected before.

This is not a maybe-I-should-call issue.  The company is requesting that anyone with one of the potentially-affected trucks should not be driven and should be parked outside of a closed structure and away from homes.

The problem is the result of moisture getting into the door and corroding the module and connections there.  GM has logged 28 incidents with no injuries as of the August portion of this recall.

For more information, contact Buick at 800.521.7300; Chevy at 866.694.6546; GMC at 866.996.9463; Isuzu at 800.255.6727; and SAAB at 855.880.0808.


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