Tuesday: Slick off reds

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June 16, 2013
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During hot, calm days, redfish begin to school up and offer up a feeding frenzy that has to be seen to be believed.

“What anglers need to do is to start out fishing when everyone else is going home,” said retired Sabine Lake guide Capt. Skip James.

“When we get the mid-day ‘slick-offs’, these reds bunch up in the middle of the bays and start chasing around menhaden. Sometimes you see them feeding like piranha or something on the surface and then sometimes you will just see a hint of bronze below the surface. But when you find them, the results are all the same: intense fun.”

The veteran guide recommends anglers use their trolling motors to approach these reds quietly and then cast with soft plastics on heavy jigheads or use ½-ounce gold spoons.

“You want something you can cast pretty far because sometimes they will spook easily,” James said.

What is your experience fishing “slick offs”?


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