3 Very Strange But very Good Boat Snacks

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July 23, 2013
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It’s a real challenge coming up with good snack foods for the boat, especially since anything crunchy like chips or pretzels goes stale in a heart-beat, and never fails to make a mess. Now add in the fact that your fingers are covered in fish slime and/or chum goo, and all finger foods seem a little iffy. So, what will you snack on? Here are three very strange but very good boat snacks, which will keep that hunger at bay.

Need something that’ll cool you off and fill you up? Have a Smooch. Seriously.

1. Smooch – These pouches with a screw-on cap contain fruit puree’s which are 100-percent natural, take care of those hunger pangs, and include Chia seeds and acerola cherry puree for anti-oxidents and vitamins. Yes, these things sound a little (ahem) fruity, but Smooch insisted they’d be perfect for boat food and sent me a few to test out. What I discovered was that if you keep the pouch in a cooler on ice during a burning-hot summer day, the chilled puree feels great going down and provides a serious energy boost. While I recognize that taste is a bit subjective, for my money the mango-pineapple-bananna is delightful, the strawberry-blueberry-banana is good, and the apple-rasberry-peach is the one you hand off to your brother-in-law.

2. Ramen Noodles – For the opposite extreme and everything in-between, Ramen noodles are one of the best boat foods on the planet. They almost never go stale, swell in your stomach to effectively fill the void, and can be eaten both raw or cooked. When it’s chilly out, carry a thermos bottle of hot water to make instant heart-warming soup – a duck-hunter’s favorite. When you don’t need the heat, munch the noodles dry; dust them with the packet of soup spices first, for added flavor. And if you don’t like the taste of Ramen, no worries – just leave the spices off, and the noodles don’t taste like a darn thing.

3. Captain’s Wafers – We don’t know if Lance named these cracker sandwiches “Captain’s Wafers” because they’re such good boat food, but we do give this snack bonus points for having a nautical name. The cream cheese and chives flavor is a favorite aboard our boat, and the amazing thing about them is that Captain’s Wafers don’t seem to go stale no matter how long you leave them aboard. The perfect bite-size is also awesome, since it allows you to shove one into your mouth and continue casting without missing a beat.

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