Don’t miss these: Ford truck team shares rules to live by

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What do the initials BFT mean to you?  For Ford’s truck team — including those on the F-150 program, the Super Duty program and the Transit/Transit Connect program — those letters stand for Built Ford Tough, or so they would have us all believe.

Ford Atlas Concept

For years I have been asking for the BFT truck team for a copy of their fabulous tongue-in-cheek rules to live by.  Reportedly, there are about 25 and most are for internal consumption only.  The begging finally paid off, and the team agreed to share the 10 most popular.  My suspicion is that sterilizing the rest for external consumption was too much of a chore.

Here they are, the BFT Truck Team Rules

1. Raw meat is acceptable BFT Team food.  Raw fish is not.

2. Roller luggage is expressly forbidden, except for golf bags.

3. Earplugs are not permitted at NASCAR races or National Hot Rod Association events.

4. No whining!

5. Airport trams and moving sidewalks are off-limits, in order to promote team conditioning.

6. When camping, you must set up your own tent or trailer.  Glamping (glamour camping)   is not permitted.

7. No wimpy cell phone ring tones.

8. Jackets or ponchos are acceptable rain gear.  Umbrellas are not.

9. True BFT Truck Team members wear real jeans, not skinny jeans.

10. For flights departing at 7 a.m. or later, an office appearance is expected (before departure).  Red-eye flights are expected to maximize productivity.  There are no “travel days” on the BFT truck team.

Are you rugged enough to be a BFT team member?  Do you have any suggestions for added rules?  Let me know and I’ll send them on to Doug Scott, who heads up sales and marketing for the Blue Oval.

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