Tuesday Tip: Catching “Chicken” Dolphin

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July 8, 2013
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July 11, 2013

Dolphin often feed along weed lines and can be seen near the surface striking at baitfish and darting in and out of the weeds. Most of these dolphins are what anglers call “chicken dolphin” or the small fish from three to 10 pounds.

“We get a lot of action on chicken dolphin out there in the summer,” said former offshore guide Ryan Warhola.

“The great thing about it is you can fish for them with trout tackle. I like to fish with soft plastic shrimptails or minnow imitations and you can sight cast to them. A lot of times they will be hiding right under the edge of the weeds and by pitching a soft plastic under them you can pull them out and get their attention,” he said.

What are your experiences catching “chicken” dolphin?

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