Al Jezeera News Uses My Pictures Claiming “Children Most at Risk from US Gun Violence” [video]

The Czar of Phony
July 31, 2013
Stagzilla, the Fallow Buck
August 5, 2013

By now we are used to the mainstream media and their anti-gun agenda.  But it strikes a different nerve when you see a photo of yourself in the propaganda.

A friend of mine brought this “news” clip to my attention recently from Al Jezeera English where the mother of a murdered daughter and other ignorant activists blame the availability of firearms for tragedies instead of holding criminals responsible for their actions.

The irony is that the highlighted crime victim used an illegal rifle in Washington DC, one of the most 2A infringing areas in the USA.

Then of course they blame the NRA and as they display pictures of me (at 1:02) while I was volunteering to teach kids firearm safety and 3 Gun competition while using airsoft rifles at the annual meeting this past March.  Good grief…



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