Towing stats announced for 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and Ram V-6

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It seems like only yesterday when I wrote about Ram’s new diesel light-duty pickup truck.  Actually it was late last month when I covered the latest addition to the Ram 1500 offering, and the company had not yet finalized the tow numbers.

Ram EcoDiesel is first in its segment

Now, Ram is saying that that the 2WD, two-door, in a long bed configuration will tow up to 9,200 lbs.  The first diesel in its class, the new EcoDiesel engine approaches much larger displacement V-8 towing capability with a small but powerful 3.0-liter…and fuel economy of better than 25 mpg on the highway, according to Mike Cairns, chief engineer for Ram Truck.  He also points to the new 8-speed transmission as a factor in performance gains.


With its 305 hp V-6 engine, Ram is also claiming best-in-class towing among all of its V-6 competitors at 7,450 lbs.

The Pickup War heats up

It is an exciting time for pickup truck enthusiasts.  Virtually everyone who is a major factor in the segment has something new for 2014 or 2015.  The 2014 Silverado and GMC Sierra are entering the market within weeks, the 2014 Toyota Tundra hits showrooms this weeks, Ram has introduced both a new heavy duty and diesel 1500 recently.  It is expected that Nissan has plans for a new Titan and the commercial version of Ford’s Atlas concept will be introduced for 2015.

I have asked Ram’s competitors if they are planning to introduce a diesel alternative for their pickups in this segment and all have said that they are taking a watch and wait approach for now, appraising how sales develop and whether there is market demand.  I expect that, by late in 2015, others will be offering something to compete with the EcoDiesel on the 1500.

What are your thoughts on offering diesel for pickups?  Let me know and I’ll publish your comments.

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