Tuesday Tip: “Rips” and Dolphin

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August 2, 2013
Sometimes you catch…
August 6, 2013

Dolphin (dorado) like to feed in open water and most of them are caught around current “rips” and weed lines.

Rips are areas where large currents meet in the Gulf and they are usually spotted by noticing a waterline, where darker water meets lighter water.

These rips bring together lots of baitfish, which the dolphin prey on with great spot and enthusiasm. Anglers wanting to catch these rip running dolphin should target them by trolling along the trip with large, bright-colored trolling plugs like you might fish for wahoo or sailfish. Dolphin can grow to impressive sizes and catching fish weighing upwards of 50 pounds is not uncommon so do not be afraid to fish large lures.

Dolphin often feed along weed lines and can be seen near the surface striking at baitfish and darting in and out of the weeds.

Have you caught any big dolphin?

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