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September 25, 2013
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September 28, 2013

The most commonly asked question on my YouTube 3 Gun Match videos is “What guns and gear are you running?” So here we go:

Dustin’s 3 Gun Gear ready to roll with a 2014 Chevy Silvarado


I run a Safariland ELS belt system that makes it super easy to adapt to any 3 Gun stage.  No shotgun targets?  I take off my caddies.  Need extra pistol ammo?  I can put on a new mag holder in 2 seconds.  It’s quick, easy, secure, and quality gear.


I’m not a Glock fanboy by any means, but I am a Taran Butler fan.  After meeting him on Top Shot I dubbed him the “Wizard of Weapondry”.  He is a triple crown 3 Gun champion and an armorer expert as well.  When he said “let me fix you up a G34” I said “Yes sir!”

Taran upgraded the sights, gave it a 2.5# trigger job, a stainless steel guide rod with reduced weight recoil spring, put in a grip plug, laser engraved his logo on the slide, gave it a full wrap around stipple grip job, backstrap reduction for the gun to point more natural, undercut the trigger guard for a higher grip to better control recoil, and stippled the bottom of the trigger guard for weakhand index finger.

Springfield XDM



I also use my Springer Precision Springfield XDM 5.25″.  After SHOT show 2012 I decided it might be a cool and unique pistol to shoot matches with.  But when it arrived I found the trigger to be pretty crummy.  Springer Precision did a great job not only with the trigger but with tuning up the entire pistol with a sweet OD CeraKote finish, stippling job, lightening cuts, Dawson sights, exerted magazine release, Barsto threaded barrel and of course a crisp action job.


The first rifle I shot on Top Shot was the LaRue OBR and it was love at first trigger pull.  So I shoot a stock LaRue 16″ PredatAR with a Geiselle SSA trigger, Magpul BAD Lever, SureFire Muzzlebrake, VLTOR Gunfighter Charging handle and Meopta ZD 1-4x22mm illuminated optic in a LaRue SPR 1.5 lever mount.


When it doesn’t put me in “open” class, you’ll find me gunning with a 50 round X Products X15 magazine because quite frankly: reloading sucks.  Also, get 10% off if you use “topshotdustin” at


Once again I go to the “Wizard of Weapondry” Taran Butler for my shotgun modifications.  After we used the Benelli M4 in Top Shot I had to get one, but a stock M2 is quite disappointing.  It needed some TLC from Taran to make it 3 Gun Ready:
Bolt lightened for faster cycling
IonBond coated
Bolt modified for ghost loading (being able to start with a full mag tube and one shell on the carrier)
Bolt modified for out of battery loading
Bolt modified to cock the hammer smoother
A big benefit to the custom bolt is the fact that when the bolt goes into battery, there is less front sight dip which leads to faster follow up shots.

  • Trigger Job, 3lbs taken off factory trigger 
  • Triggerguard pin-spring
  • Receiver loading port has been machined and polished for faster reloading, includes  reload cut on the receiver to help keep the rounds centered for more accurate reloads  
  • Extractor and Barrel modifications to prevent jams  
  • TTI Custom Lifter/Shell Carrier 
  • Tune and polish shell catch 
  • Tune and polish carrier latch
  • Taran’s proprietary barrel bending to shoot slugs as close to point of aim as possible  on vent rib guns  
  • Forearm stippling 
  • Straight Stock Stippling
  • Cheek Pad Provided ( Only for Pistol-Grip ) 
  • Recoil Pad modified (eliminates snagging on clothing) 
  • Cheek pad for a comfortable cheek weld on Pistol Grip stock 
  • TTI Ultimate Safety 
  • TTI Oversized Bolt Release 
  • TTI Springs Package to enhance reliability with low recoil loads 
  • Nordic Extended magazine tube, clamp, and tuned spring 10rd tube
  • TTI Ultimate Charging Handle 
  • Hi Viz fiber Optic front sights

Soft cases:

For short travel I really like using the 5.11 Tactical double rifle case and my new DE Signature series range bags.

Hard Case

Patriot Cases offers a high quality hard cases with excellent foam protection.  I dropped mine off of my ATV the other day while running 20 mph.  I didn’t even open it up because I knew everything inside was just fine.  Sure enough, it was.  “topshotdustin” will give you 30% off at


Finally I can’t leave out my favorite practice equipment, the NextLevelTraining SIRT pistol and AR bolt.  These save me thousands of dollars on ammo because they make take dryfire training to the next level.  They have a resetting adjustable trigger (or just drop in place on your AR15’s bolt) and project a laser where you are firing.  Once again, use “topshotdustin” for 10% off if you want anything from
Check out these links to get into 3 Gun in Texas:


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