2013 Ford Escape recalled again; certain Fusions also affected

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It’s happening again for Ford’s 2013 Escape.  For the seventh time since it was introduced last year, some versions of the popular SUV have been recalled for a problem that’s important enough to require immediate attention.

The 1.6L engine version has experienced engine overheating leading to a small number of fires. A fuel/oil leak is causing the problem, which does not affect Escapes equipped with the 2.0L and 2.5L engines.  Only Fusions with the 1.6L engine are affected by the recall, as well.

To identify affected vehicles check the VIN number located on a label on the driver’s side door openingor on the vehicle registratio .  If the vehicle has an X in the eighth place of the 17-digit number, it falls within the recall for both the Fusion and Escape.

To verify that, log on to Ford.com, click “View Notices and Recalls” in the “Support” tab and input the VIN.  You can also call 866-436-7332 in the U.S. or 888-222-7814 in Canada or check with a Ford dealer.

According to Ford, drivers has said that the overheating and fires are accompanied by a message in the instrument cluster that reads, “Engine power reduced to lower temps” or “Engine over temp. Stop safely”.  Some have also indicated that their instrument cluster sounded a chime and illuminated a red light, the company noted.

Ford’s team is working on a fix for the problem which will be repaired at no cost.  In the meantime, if a vehicle is under the recall, alternative transportation will also be provided at no cost to the vehicle owner.  Do not continue to drive an Escape or Fusion identified under this recall.

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