Creative Campfire Cooker

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October 30, 2013
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November 4, 2013

When camping the campfire and food are often the center of attention.  Sure, we could always bring a propane stove but that takes away a sense of tradition from the experience.

I always attempted to cook meals for my kids on a raw campfire while balancing skillets on burning firewood.  This can certainly be done, but it’s challenging to keep your food (and self) from burning in the process.

The good folks over at Forgottenway Farms were generous enough to send me the “Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker”.  As simple as it looks, I will NEVER go camping with out this unique creation again.

It is a six piece cooking set that includes a ground rod, cooking grates, one hook arm, and two remotes.  To use just drive the ground rod beside the fire, then put whatever cooking grate or hook you need on the rod.  While cooking you can adjust the height and location of your “campfire stove” with the remotes to wherever you desire.  Looking back at camping before I had this cooker makes me feel like a barbarian, but the simplicity and added convenience makes campfire cooking so much more enjoyable.  One of these can come to your door for $169.   It makes cooking, serving, warming and everything so easy.  Get one.  Have fun.  Go camping with the kids again!


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