Flounder Q&A

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November 18, 2013
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Here are a few questions I have been asked about flounder that seem to pop up frequently. Enjoy and feel free to send me any of your questions. 

Q: What do you consider a “trophy” flounder to be?

A: Honestly, to me a trophy is whatever the angler considers it to be. It might be a first fish or a 16-incher that is really think and has a gnarly looking head. I know what you are asking and that is what size I consider a trophy flounder to be. I will put it in terms similar to deer hunting. A 20-inch flounder is sort of like shooting a buck that would make the Pope & Young record book. According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the represent something like 1/2 of one percent of flounder catches in Texas. They are an impressive fish. Then when you get one 24 inches or better you have a true monster and that would be like one that makes the Boone & Crockett books for deer which many whitetail hunters consider the be all, end all. For me, it is all about having fun and if I catch a monster great. If not, as long as I get that “thump” I am happy.

Q: Where do you think the biggest flounder are in Texas?

A: The Galveston Bay complex without a doubt. Although Sabine holds the state record and has more flounder overall, Galveston still gets the edge on big fish. There is something about the genetics of those Galveston that produces some beasts. I do believe however if gigging had not been so prevalent (along with commercial floundering) in the Aransas area, it would give Galveston a run for the money. I have seen some historic photos of some mammoth fish from that region.

Q: Does your stiff “pool cue” rod setup work as well as you say it does?

A: Since you will not take my word for it, take the words of someone else who has tried it.

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