Divers Rescue Man Trapped 100 Feet Below Surface in Air Pocket For Three Days (video)

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December 3, 2013
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December 3, 2013

A video has captured the astonishing moment a fisherman was rescued after three days trapped 30 metres underwater in the Atlantic ocean.

Harrison Okene, a 29-year-old ship’s cook, was the only known survivor from the boat of 12 men, which capsized on May 26, 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria.rescued cook

The footage shows the moment Mr Okene, who was left fighting to breathe inside a four-foot high bubble of air, reaches out a hand and touches one of the team of divers, letting them know he is still alive.

‘He’s alive! He’s alive!’ a member of the dive team can be heard saying in the incredible footage

It had been feared – and assumed – that all aboard had perished.

Of the 11 others aboard the tugboat when it sank in rough seas 10 have been found dead.

One remains missing, but search operations have since been called off.

Mr Okene squeezed into a compartment after the boat sank and settled upside-down.

Before closing the cabin door to stop the water coming in, he had seen three dead colleagues in the water.

Quick-thinking Mr Okene took two mattresses from the beds and sat on top of them, hoping to stay afloat. He was brought to the surface after 62 hours.

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Source: Daily Mail

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