Duck Hunter Rescued from Niagra River

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December 30, 2013
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December 30, 2013

A duck hunter was rescued from the Niagara River, after falling out of his boat just off the shores of Grand Island, when two strangers came to his aide.

Dave Wahl was hunting nearby with his nephew Riley, when they saw the man in trouble.

“We noticed his boat go up on end and he let out a big yell for help, so we jumped in our boat and got to him as quick as we could,” Dave Wahl said.

The two Wahls were able to pull the fellow hunter onto shore to safety as first responders arrived. The man was taken to a local hospital in stable condition, he is expected to be OK. His dog, also rescued Monday morning, is also expected to be OK.

“Everybody’s been telling us we saved his life, and that’s my feeling too. Is that he probably was not going to make it if we didn’t get him out,” Dave Wahl said.

“We were just helping him out. That’s what I think anybody would do if they saw it too,” Riley Wahl added.

Fellow hunters who were out this morning when everything happened expressed their appreciation for the actions of the Good Samaritans as well.

“Scary scenario. I’m a duck hunter myself, and can’t imagine being in the water. It’s probably 33 degrees, he was probably in there for ten to fifteen minutes. Bad things could happen,” Victor Kosloski said.

“It’s a good thing that duck hunters stick together like we do, because he was by himself, so those guys went out and got him,” Bill Haley added.

But the Wahls fall short of calling themselves heroes.

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Source: WKBW

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