Fort Worth Police Kill Two Pit Bull-Mixes Attacking Father and Daughter

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December 3, 2013
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December 3, 2013

Fort Worth police shot and killed two pit bull-mixes to save the life of a man overnight, and a third dog was found dead nearby.

The incident occurred in the 3300 block of N. Crump St. shortly after midnight on Tuesday. 

Police arrived to find the dogs attacking a man, 45-year-old Ignacio Meza, in a backyard. The man originally went outside when he heard his own dog, a pit bull mix, barking, and found the dogs attacking his dog.

The dogs then turned their attention to Meza and began to attack him. Meza’s daughter came outside when he was being attacked and was also bitten by the dogs.

She was able to escape, but her father was not. A neighbor saw the attacks and called 911.

Aricely Maldonado ran to look out of her back door just after midnight. She saw Meza struggling to fight off the dogs, and says that one of the dogs biting Meza was his own.

Maldonado’s husband tried to help.

“He was just laying on the ground trying to get the dogs away but he couldn’t,” said George Torres. “He couldn’t even move.”

Police determined firing at the dogs was the only way to stop the attacks. The dogs were shot again, killing them, when they began to run at the officer firing the gun. The deceased dogs were taken by animal control to be tested for rabies.

The man was hospitalized, reportedly in serious condition, with bites on his body, arms, legs and face. The daughter was also hospitalized for the bites she suffered.

Police said tactical medical kits issued to officers were used to help stem the flow of blood on the father until emergency personnel could arrive.

The two dogs that didn’t belong to Meza were believed to be stray dogs, but police are investigating to see if they have owners.

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Source: MyFoxDFW

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