FWC Captures Correct Bear in Attack, Outrage Amount As Cub Killed in ‘Hit-And-Run’

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December 22, 2013
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December 22, 2013

The saga of the roaming bear family in Seminole County just took another violent turn.

A hit-and-run driver crashed into a 65-pound cub Friday on Markham Woods Road, killing the third offspring of a bear that attacked a woman earlier this month in an exclusive Longwood-area gated subdivision. blackbear

Its death comes as wildlife officers were trying to capture the cub and reunite with its family at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

“It’s a little cub. How can you not feel bad?” said Diane Horowitz.

Horowitz lives on English Ivy Court in the Wingfield North community, where Susan Chalfant was attacked Dec. 2 in the most serious bear attack in Florida history.

She said her neighbor called wildlife officials around 6 p.m. Friday after spotting the cub.

“But, by the time we got there, the bear was already run over,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Karen Parker.

“Our law enforcement will not be doing an investigation of the hit-and-run,” she said. No one will.

Two other bears have been trapped and killed since the attack because officials suspected they could have been responsible. On Dec. 9, officers captured the female bear that, it turns out, actually attacked Chalfant.

Three cubs were nearby. Two of her were captured. The third ran off.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel

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