Idaho Wildlife Advocate Pleads Guilty to Poaching

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December 17, 2013
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December 18, 2013

An outspoken critic of Idaho’s phosphate industry and its deadly impact on some animals has pleaded guilty to poaching two elk.

Marv Hoyt, Idaho director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, will leave his job after acknowledging in court that he illegally killed two cow elk during a November hunting trip in Caribou County, the Idaho State Journal reported Tuesday.

Hoyt has criticized mining and the resulting selenium pollution that has killed dozens of sheep and cattle that graze in southeastern Idaho’s rich phosphate patch and sometimes wander into contaminated areas.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials said Hoyt killed three elk and left the meat of two to waste in a field. He had only one valid elk tag when the incident took place on Nov. 2 and initially lied about taking the other two animals, Fish and Game officers said.

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Source: Seattle PI


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