Oregon Man Cited For Wrecking 50-Ton Battle Tank TWICE on Roadway

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December 8, 2013
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December 8, 2013

A truck driver transporting a 50-ton battle tank to an Oregon man’s home crashed the war machine when he tried to to drive it up a steep hill last week, police said.

Jeffrey Glossop, 58 — who works as a caretaker for the tank’s unidentified owner — unloaded the 1969 Chieftain along the Gold Beach road because he couldn’t tow it up the steep grade on Nov. 27, according to The Oregonian. 

“He had the manual, so he thought he could do it,” Lt. Gregg Hastings from the Oregon State Police told the newspaper.

But as he tried to move the tank — the United Kingdom’s most popular model during the 1960s — it suddenly slipped out of gear and rolled across Route 101, about 30 miles north of the California border.

Glossop made another attempt to move the machine, but it rolled back again and went down an embankment.

Glossop was cited for reckless driving and criminal mischief. The tank was not seriously damaged in the wreck.

Source: New York Daily News


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