Plenty of Deer Season Remains

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December 4, 2013
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December 4, 2013

Here we are halfway through white-tail deer season and so far the season seems to be producing some really nice deer. The reports are especially good for the East Texas white-tails with some nice racks and as was predicted a few years ago by the TPWD the size of the deer in general is getting larger.

Some hunters have harvested some nice deer, but many have not yet had the success they desire and it all comes back to the type of deer a hunter in mind. The hunter who is looking for a high scoring Boone and Crockett buck can hunt for years before their patience is rewarded and anyone in that category of hunter knows that going in to the pursuit. whitetail buck

Hunters who are not looking for a true recordable trophy will have more to choose from and the cull hunter, like me, will many times walk away empty rather than take a prime deer for the freezer at this point in the season.

The reasons for not getting a deer beside the trophy or cull hunter are many and varied, but when a hunter draws a blank, the reason may be traced back to the hunter. So let’s look at some of the more blatant causes for lack of success in the field.

Prior to opening day, most hunter go through many preparations to help insure they will get a shot at a deer. The placement of the deer stand or blind must be in an area conducive to the travel of their quarry. Feeders are put out and stocked on a regular basis to attract the deer. The area surrounding the deer stand must offer a good field of fire, overlooking the feeder. One would assume everything is in favor of the hunter attracting the deer, but if that were the case it would not be called hunting.

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Source: Your Houston News

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