Hunting gaining popularity with Europe’s women

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January 21, 2014
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January 22, 2014

t’s raining hard and almost dark as Walter Rienzner, perched on a raised shooting platform, drops the bombshell in a whisper: women might be better hunters than men.

“They have respect for the animal,” says the grizzled 48-year-old, part of a group of mainly Austrian, mostly female hunters on a recent weekend over the border in Hungary.

“They make sure that the meat, the fur and the fat are not wasted … And when it comes to shooting, they are much more precise. They don’t just start blasting away.”

More and more women in Austria are choosing to spend their free time in undergrowth or stalking through forests, gun in hand and dog at side, hunting for food, fun and companionship.

In doing so, Austria’s 11,000 registered female hunters are helping to improve the traditionally male-dominated hobby’s image.

They are also keeping some old huntsmen’s traditions alive and – perhaps – making the men better behaved.

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 Source: NY Daily News

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