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January 1, 2014
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January 1, 2014

A Disturbance in the Force

For several weeks, I have discerned a disturbance in the force but, have not been able to determine its source. I am not going to say it has haunted me, but I have definitely noticed something is amiss.

Yesterday I picked up the November 2013 issue of TF&G and as I always do, turned first to “Editor’s Notes” to read Don Zaidle’s column, my favorite part of TF&G. It was good. Don never lets me down.

This month’s “Editor’s Notes” reminded me of the things that matter in my life, and for a moment put into perspective the things that do not — especially his excerpt from Corey Ford describing the hereafter — “someplace you’ve been where you want to be again.”

After I finished, I laid the magazine down for a moment and went into the kitchen to pour a fresh cup of coffee. As I was pouring, the phone rang.

One long phone conversation about goose hunting and sight casting to reds, two cups of coffee and a pit stop later, I finally returned to my new TF&G. I re-read Don’s piece, which is pretty much the standard ritual. It was excellent the second time around.

Just as I was about to turn the page I noticed the prominent red box in the center of the page that I had read around, completely ignoring, entitled “Publisher’s Note.”

I was stunned.

The disturbance in the force was now clear.

Saying a little prayer in my head for Don, not sure if it really matters but just in case, I asked that he be welcomed into Heaven with open arms and wagging tails and backward spins of exuberant bird dogs overwhelmed with joy to see him. I prayed for his family, who over the years I have come to learn, through Don’s columns, that he loves with all his heart.

I thought of my favorite Twilight Zone episode, “The Hunt,” that I recently viewed (youtu.be/nI-M5c56V1s) which was about the true nature of good, evil, men, dogs and the hereafter.

No doubt in my mind that Don made it. As to Don’s life here on earth: Well done, Sir. Very well done.


Gregory R. “Buck” Ford

Via Email


All that I can say is “DAMN.”

I always looked forward to reading Don Zaidle’s column. My favorite recently published column was entitled “Practical Water Conservation” I totally agreed with everything that he wrote. He had a different way of looking at many things, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his comments and opinions.

I am sad that he has passed, but am sure that he has a spot in Heaven where he can continue to enjoy the outdoor life. I will miss him!


Donald Klinzing

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White Deer

Chester, I read your article on white deer in November issue. We have hunted in Lampasas for almost 30 years and just north of town there is a herd of white deer.

We have stopped and looked them over good. They look like whitetail in every why except they are white. They are not in a high fence so they could leave if they wanted to. Do you know anything about them?


Archie Pugh

Via Email


Editor’s note: Archie went back and checked them out and gave exact directions to the location, which we have withheld for obvious reasons.

If anyone knows about these white deer e-mail us at [email protected]. We would like to do a follow-up.

—Chester Moore


Gift of Dreams

Chester, I really enjoyed your column from the December issue of TF&G entitled “The Gift of Dreams.” The article mentions your Dad and that really caught my attention. You see, my Dad died when he was 47 and we buried him on Christmas Eve. It took a while for me to get through the article because the words became blurred from time to time, I don’t have to explain do I?

Previous Christmas Eves were always the time when we opened our presents so we decided to go ahead and continue that tradition as that is what Dad would have wanted. After all the gifts were opened one was left under the tree and that one was meant for Dad. That one last gift was from my little brother to my Dad, a pair of house shoes. Not a dry eye right.

My Dad was not a big outdoorsman but he did teach me how to fish and hunt squirrels. I dream of him often and wonder how it might have been like with him around us after we were grown. But like you said I consider the dreams a gift from God and I know the kind of man he was and believe he is now up there with Mom and your buddy and mine, Don Zaidle. God bless you and your future efforts with TF&G.


Bill Arnold

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