Man fights off attacking dogs with knife

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January 19, 2014
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January 20, 2014


On multiple occasions, families have reported being attacked while on a walk in the same area by two pit bulls. In one case, a family’s Chihuahua died and in another, a man was able to defend himself and his dog.
Now, the accused owner of the attack dogs is expected to face charges, but he claims he shouldn’t be held responsible.
Animal Services said walks along a Santa Fe arroyo have turned into vicious attacks by the same two pit bulls. “I mean usually dogs are pretty easy to scare off, just loud noises, maybe a couple rocks their way and they’ll run away, but these dogs not at all, they just kept at it,” said Mark Olshefski.
Olshefski was with his girlfriend and their two dogs when he said the pit bulls latched onto his dog’s neck. His girlfriend ran to get help as he tried to fight them off.
“They were still just coming after us, since there were two of them they were trying to circle me to my dog who was hurt behind me, and yeah they did not leave,” said Olshefski.
Olshefski said he tried yelling, kicking, and throwing rocks as the dogs latched onto his arms.
Source: KRQE


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