UK woman attacked by “600 pound” feral hog

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January 12, 2014
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January 12, 2014

A woman suffered a broken leg and wrist after she was attacked in Woodland (UK) by a 600lbs pig

Mary Smith, 74, was feeding pigs at her friend’s smallholding when the wild rampant porker suddenly crashed through the wire fence.

It is the thought the massive feral hog is descended from a family of pigs which escaped from a nearby farm several years ago.

Mary, of Exeter,, says the pig weighed 600lbs and was ”as a big as a bear” and pinned her down and stamped on her.

She spent twelve days in hospital being treated for a broken wrist and leg after the rampaging animal smashed into her.

Mary says she was attacked by the pig which crashed into the enclosure with a wild herd.

She said: “My friend’s pigs are really very friendly and I was feeding them feed when I saw the others.

“I can’t be totally sure now but I think there were two pigs, a big boar and some young pigs.

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Source: Herald Express

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