Alligator garfish found in Myanmar

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February 8, 2014
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February 10, 2014

YANGON – When Nyi Min Htut went to the market to buy his fish he had no idea that he would be returning with a two foot, nine inch alligator gar fish, the first to be caught in Myanmar.

The alligator gar, a freshwater species native to North America, was caught by a local fisherman near the Wartayar jetty on the Hlaing River near Yangon. The fisherman sold his prize for Ks 10,000 (US$ 10) and it was resold to Nyi Min Htut for Ks 50,000 (US$ 50).

“When I arrived at home, I found that the fish scales are very hard. So, I brought a fish to the Fisheries Enterprise because I have never seen a fish like this before,” said Nyi Min Htut.

Win Kyaing, General Secretary of Myanmar Fisheries Federation, correctly identified the fish because of the dual row of large teeth in the upper jaw which, along with the elongated snout, resemble an alligator.

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Source: Eleven Myanmar


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