Castaway known to drink turtle blood

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February 6, 2014
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February 6, 2014

Well before his incredible tale of survival in a 13-month Pacific odyssey, fellow Mexican fishermen say Jose Salvador Alvarenga consumed the very things he claims saved him: raw fish and turtle blood.

But a young man who accompanied him on the shark fishing trip in late 2012 died, and the victim’s family wants Alvarenga to return to Mexico to explain what happened.

Fellow fishermen in Chocohuital, a village nestled on a lagoon in the southern state of Chiapas, remembered Alvarenga as a good man with a quirky diet that they say gives credence to his amazing story.

The burly man they knew as “La Chancha,” the Spanish word for a sow, would gobble up anything, including dog food.

“He wasn’t picky. He ate everything. When he grabbed sardines, which we use as bait, we would tell him ‘no Chancha!’ But he would say with his husky voice: ‘Yes, you have to try everything,” his boss Bellardino Rodriguez said in an interview.

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Source: Fox News


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