Officials: When animals attack call 9-11

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February 6, 2014
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February 8, 2014

If a raccoon attacks someone in Monroeville,  police want to know about it before TV news viewers do.

Last week, a Monroeville woman who said she was  attacked by a raccoon was featured on a television news broadcast. She told the  reporter she was attacked by a raccoon at a Dumpster outside of Cambridge Square  Apartments.

Monroeville police Chief Doug Cole said the  Monroeville dispatch center had no record of a call for police or medical  service for a raccoon attack. Officials said the woman should have notified  them, and they encourage people to call 911 for animal attacks.

“If (a resident) is ever bit by an animal, they  should call the authorities,” Monroeville Animal Control officer Mike Strom said  Tuesday. “We’d like to try to get the animal and not have someone else get bit.”

The Cambridge Square resident who said she was  attacked by the raccoon couldn’t be reached for comment.

An unnamed woman who said she was the property  manager of Cambridge Square Apartments said Tuesday she would not comment,  except to say that it was the first she had heard of the incident.

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