Cougars showing super low survival rate

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March 19, 2014
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March 20, 2014

Only 7 percent of Jackson Hole’s mountain lions are surviving to adulthood, new research out of the Teton Cougar Project shows.

Mark Elbroch, the cougar project’s leader, relayed his team’s findings during a presentation Monday before about 200 people at the Center for the Arts. Passionate, animated and able to connect with a crowd, Elbroch used videos and anecdotes to tell the tale of the “secret lives of cougar kittens,” including the bumpy road they face on the way to maturity.


“In real terms, how many survive out of 100 kittens?” Elbroch said. “Thirty-four survive until they’re six months.

“And that’s actually as optimistic as we could make it,” he said. “That’s using survivorship analysis based on the last 13 years. If we just used the last six years, [survival] would be half that.”

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Source: Jackson Hole News & Guide


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