Happy Female Hunter Bags Mountain Lion & Posts Photos. Angry Animal-Rights Folks Storm Social Media in the Most Vile Ways Imaginable.

The First Eight Seconds Show a Man Shooting a Target on a Tree. What Happens Next Will Send the Video Viral.
March 31, 2014
FBI and EPA Agents Raid Company That Buys/Sells Spent Brass
March 31, 2014


Image source: The Blaze

“My first hunting experience was when I was three years old,” Charisa Argys told KCNC-TV in Denver, adding that she was introduced to the sport by her father.

Itt became a point of bonding for them. “It’s always been quality time for us. It’s always been a time when we got to get away,” she told KCNC.

In February 2013 she hunted and shot a 175-pound male mountain lion and posted photos of her kill on the Internet, saying on a clip with the cat: “It was an extreme hunt and it was well worth it…”

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Source: The Blaze

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