A Hero Ex-Cop Is Actually Having to Sue for the Right to Carry a Concealed Firearm in California

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April 9, 2014
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April 9, 2014


The UC Berkeley police officer who famously helped rescue kidnap victim Kaycee Dugard is suing her former employer, claiming she was wrongfully denied approval to carry a concealed firearm after she retired on medical disability.

Allison “Ally” Jacobs became a hero after her intuition helped lead to the capture of Phillip Garrido, the sex offender who held Dugard captive for 18 long years. Jacobs reportedly suffered an on-duty injury about a year later and she accepted a disability retirement in April of 2013.

When she submitted an application for a concealed carry permit, which are available to all retired cops in California, it was rejected.

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Source: The Blaze

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