Me taking a jaguar to the dentist? (Photos)

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April 28, 2014
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May 1, 2014

This series of photos was taken by my friend award-winning wildlife photographer Gerald Burliegh back in 1995 when we got to help take our jaguar friend Tasha to get root canal. I found them while digging through photos for a forthcoming book.


I got the gig of getting Tasha leashed and her in transport cage. What they didn’t tell me is she hated being leashed. This turned into an interesting scenario but we finally got it done.
Tasha did not want to go to sleep but they finally used gas on her and she went beddy-bye. By the way, if you think holding a dog’s legs still while cutting its nails or bathing is tough, try a jaguar.
Dr. Nina Leifeste and Dr. David Olson performed the root canal on this beautiful, precious cat. Dr. Albert Pughe provided anesthesia.

Source: Kingdom Zoo

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