MSNBC Contributor Goldie Taylor Thinks Gun Rights Cause Undesirable Self-Reliance And Independence

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April 28, 2014
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April 28, 2014

On MSNBC Saturday, contributor Goldie Taylor was asked about the new carry law in Georgia as part of a panel on the topic of gun rights. Her answer exemplifies the fundamental difference between how liberals see American liberties and how conservatives see them.

A very direct lesson. Taylor believes there is something inherently wrong about encouraging independence and self-reliance. Translating being prepared to take care of oneself as some sort of “on your own mentality” (whatever that is) is just MSNBC double-talk. It’s old fashioned propaganda. Make something good sound like something bad. Independence is what she is sneering at. Liberty is what gun controllers despise. They simply believe the wrong things because they believe in the wrong things, most especially benevolent and all-powerful government .. the ultimate oxymoron.

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