Texas Congressman Introduces Bill to Allow Military Personnel to Carry Firearms on Base

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April 10, 2014
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April 11, 2014


Texas Congressman Steve Stockman has introduced a bill that would allow military personnel to carry firearms on military bases on American soil.

Stockman took to USA Today in an op-ed to make the case for his bill. Here is an excerpt,

The ban on allowing military personnel to carry weapons on base is a 20-year experiment that failed and places servicemembers in danger.

The April 2 tragedy at Fort Hood was the third mass shooting on a military base in five years. That’s because our trained servicemembers aren’t allowed to carry their weapons under a regulation implemented in 1993. Before the ban, there were not large numbers of gun accidents or shootings on military bases.

Like most others, this spree ended when the killer was confronted by a military police officer with a weapon and he killed himself. However, she could not arrive until after he shot 19 unarmed soldiers. Three tragically died…

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Source: GunsSaveLives.net

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