24 species of sharks that have killed fewer people than Jack Bauer on 24

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After four long years of being cancelled, Fox finally brought back ’24′ this week! Star Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer, a counter-terrorism agent and general badass. Jack has had to kill in the line of duty many times. In fact, as of this past Monday’s premiere of “24: Live Another Day,” Jack Bauer has killed 273 people. How does this record stack up to a cause of death that so many people fear, death by shark bite?

Here are 24 species of shark that have killed fewer people than Jack Bauer has killed on ’24,’ according to the International Shark Attack File.  All fatalities reference the time period 1580-2013, and encompass the whole world. Only fatalities where the shark species has been identified are included here


1) The great white shark. Though the antagonist in “Jaws” is a great white, this species is responsible for only 78 human fatalities.

2) The tiger shark. These animals have a reputation for eating anything, but have killed only 28 humans.

3) Bull sharks have killed 26 people.

4) Blue sharks have killed four people.

5) Oceanic whitetip sharks have killed three people.

6) A dusky shark killed one person.

7) A grey reef shark killed one person.

8 ) A bronze whale shark killed one person.

9) A Galapagos shark killed one person.

10) A shortfin mako shark killed one person.

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Source: Southern Fried Science

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