California bill restricting out-of-state gun transfers passes state Assembly (VIDEO)

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A measure that will place restrictions on firearms coming into the state and, according to gun-rights groups, will criminalize common firearm transactions, passed the California state Assembly Wednesday.

The legislation would make changes that go beyond existing federal laws to the state’s gun statutes involving firearm transfers on guns received from outside of California. It passed the Assembly by a 49-25 vote on May 28.

“Every day guns are being purchased across state lines in Nevada and Arizona, trafficked into California, and sold to criminals on our streets,” said Assembly member Luis A. Alejo (D-Salinas), the bill’s sponsor, in a statement.

Alejo continued, saying, “I am confident that this bill will cut down the number of guns on the streets of our most vulnerable cities by giving state law enforcement the tools to enforce what in many cases is now federal law.”

Alejo’s bill, AB 1609, the “Enforcement of Interstate Gun Trafficking Act,” is a six-page clarification to several of the state’s existing laws in regards to firearms transfers. Beginning in 2015, it would require all guns coming into the state to first be transferred to a Federal Firearms License holder who would perform required background checks and observe state-mandated waiting periods before the gun could then be transferred.

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