Gov. Jindal signs five Louisiana gun bills into law Friday

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As the legislative session winds down, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law five bills that will affect the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, concealed carry holders, users of Tannerite, and gun owners.

The five bills are included in 217 measures signed into law by Jindal this legislative session.

While all five of these bills passed by wide margins with bipartisan support, only one drew significant debate, that being House Bill 72.

HB 72 will allow concealed-carry permit holders and off-duty law enforcement to carry firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol. It had passed the Louisiana Senate earlier this month by a 37-2 vote.

Supporters of the state’s SYG statute were able to dodge a metaphorical bullet when a bill aimed to repeal that controversial self-defense doctrine was shelved after it failed to gain ground in the House. Jindal alternatively signed legislation Friday, which will expand the scope of its protections.

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