Massachusetts Set to Become Most Anti-Gun State in the Country

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If Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo has launched an all out assault on the gun rights of law abiding gun owners in his state. If he gets his way, MA will become one of the most difficult states in the nation to acquire and own a gun, legally.

The lawmaker this week unveiled a gun control package that includes sweeping restrictions.

The bill, called the state’s most comprehensive since 1998 by House leaders, will:
* add the state to a nationwide criminal background database (which does nothing to stop criminals from getting guns)

* allow local police chiefs discretion in licensing owners for shotguns and rifles ( of course all criminals are going to ask their local police chief to approve their acquisition of a rifle)

* ban the private sale of guns without a licensed gun dealer, (oh sure… the criminals are going to take their guns in to a local gun dealer to sell them)

* require gun owners to list all the guns they own each time they renew their license. ( I can just see all the criminals jumping up and down to provide a list of all the guns they own when they renew their license… oh wait… criminals don’t have a license to carry so who does this one really affect?)

The licensing and registration reporting requirements would easily make Massachusetts one of the hardest states in which to own a gun.

The bill is set to appear before committee next week and will likely go before the entire House in the following weeks.

You folks better look at the example people in Colorado set by removing state legislators who trample their gun rights and you better act now.

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