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I’ll call this story a pass through since I am just going to report this rather than adding much commentary.  Suffice to say, I think this is a good list but don’t necessarily agree with all of the choices and would have named a few others in lieu of or addition to the ones selected.

Here is the list, as provided by Parents Magazine and Edmunds, who says that vehicles are evaluated from “top to bottom, from safety and fuel economy to…performance, comfort and cup holders.”

Budget– Mazda3 ($17,740), Ford Fiesta ($14,925)

Hybrid — Toyota Prius ($25,010)

Sedans — Mazda6 ($21,785), Honda Accord ($22,745)

Wagon — Subaru Outback ($24,320) strange category since I have no clue what else they evaluated as this is not an actual product segment in the auto industry

Crossover — Nissan Rogue ($23,650)

SUVs — Hyundai Santa Fe ($30,750), Chevrolet Traverse ($31,670)

Mini-van — Honda Odyssey ($29,655)

Prices noted are for the base price, although those are not necessarily — I would venture to say never — the ones that were evaluated.  The giveaway is that some of the highlights mentioned inclue the $2,600 technology package for the Mazda3 (not standard equipment), a $1,500 embedded solar panel roof available for most Prium models, and Honda’s lane watch which is available on the $25,670 EX trim level.  Also mentioned was the Honda Odyssey built-in vacuum which is also an option.

None of these vehicles are bad choices, but I would have preferred that the prices mentioned were for the vehicle as driven and that the options were called out.



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