How Women Are Concealing Firearms in Some Interesting New Ways

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As the number of women holding concealed carry permits surges, ladies are confronting a problem: where should they actually conceal and carry their guns?

Nearly 67,000 Texas women obtained concealed carry permits in 2013, WFAA-TV reported, and many are finding existing holster options insufficient.


“Most holsters have been built for men’s bodies,” firearms instructor Karla Pohl told WFAA-TV. “Women are built differently, and we dress differently.”

Instructors like Pohl and The Well Armed Woman owner Carrie Lightfoot are working to make women aware of a wide variety of designed-for-women holsters, including garters, ankle holsters and even “flash bang” bra holsters.

“[The bust is] kind of a natural location, depending on the size of the gun and the size of the ‘guns,’” Lightfoot said.

Options for women are important, Lightfoot added, since women often dress in radically different ways at work, at the gym and in other scenarios.

Each different holster option requires a different draw technique, Lightfoot said, which is why she and other firearms instructors don’t just hawk the holsters — they offer training in how to use them as well.

Of course, for women who don’t want to strap their gun to their person, purses are another great place to pack heat.

Source: The Blaze

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