It hurt real bad but I got over it.

Big flounder
June 25, 2014
Austin’s 1st Red
June 26, 2014

We had practiced the day before with a small caliber rifle for Tripps 1st Big Game hunt with when the oppurtunity presented it’s self all we had was dad’s 300 Ultra Mag. so Tripp lined up for the shot and pulled the trigger. Dad looked at the set up to assure the gun wasn’t gonna kick and cut his eye and told him to fire when ready. When the dust cleared and the crying stopped he was obviously mad at me. He later told mom” it hurt real bad but I got over it”.

Tripps1st deer is a 33″ free range axis killed near Junction Texas with Dad’s 300 Christensen Arms Ultra Mag. As was tradtion with my dad he now owns the gun, but swears he will never shoot it again.

Tripp Payne is only 6 years old.


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