Strange underwater sea creature caught on camera in the Gulf of Mexico (video)

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June 19, 2014
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June 19, 2014

As our sister site reported yesterday, a video taken two years ago by a Gulf rig camera has surfaced on YouTube.

According to the news blog Zeibiz, scientists believe this enormous jellyfish is the rarely seen depstaria reticulum.

These bizarre jellyfish can be up to two feet wide and are usually found near the Antarctic, not in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out the photos above or the video below to marvel at this creature from the deep ocean:

It’s not unusual for subsea cameras used by offshore oil and gas facilities to capture up-close shots of deep-sea creatures.

Subsea equipment provider Oceaneering recently was using such a camera (called a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV) for a Shell project when it captured this massive shark floating through the Gulf.

Source: SF Gate

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