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July 11, 2014
Big Ugly Black Drum
July 14, 2014

Bagging a trophy black bear by bow has been one of my bucket-list items as I’ve reached my sixties. After several unsuccessful attempts, the hunting gods shined on me this past May 2014 in Saskatoon, Canada, in the Emma Lake area. While watching two other bears, one being a respectful 6+ footer, this bruin walked out of the woods. Upon seeing him, the other two bears literally ran from the area, back into the bush. This beautiful boar sauntered into the clearing without a care as if he knew he was the boss of the woods! Seeing his massive weight and absolutely huge head, needless to say, I got “bear fever!” After composing myself, I waited for the best shot opportunity. He finally offered it at 23 yards and the arrow made total penetration. I watched the boar pile up about 25 yards from where I shot him. He has a beautiful, full coat and a very prominent white V on his chest in addition to the crest on his huge head. My outfitter estimated the boar to weight 400-450lbs, a big guy for sure. He squared out at 7″2″ which is a wonderful trophy in anyone’s book! A half-size body mount of this beautiful great trophy will soon grace my den for many memories to come!
I recently bought my grandson his first real hunting bow and he asked for a bear hunt when he graduates from high school in 7 years.
Tommy Ingram, Murchison Texas


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