Deer Hunter Makes Very Alarming, Sophisticated Discovery on Texas Land During Routine Task: ‘These Were Pretty Elaborate’

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A deer hunter completing a routine task Saturday stumbled upon a massive massive marijuana growth operation near Houston, Texas, containing upwards of 100,000 plants spread across more than a dozen fields.

According to the Polk County Today, the hunter was simply maintaining a deer lease in Goodrich when he made the discovery.


The growth operation was complete with a camp and described as a sophisticated system with water pumps drawing from a nearby creek, the local paper added.


Chief Deputy Bryan Lyons told the Polk County Today that more than 40,000 plants have been recovered, as authorities utilize assistance from nearby inmates to uproot them. Lyons said the plants were of high quality. He hopes investigators are able to successfully lift prints discovered at the site.

“There were some items that led us to believe that they left not long before we made it here,” Lyons told the Polk County Today. “There were a couple of campsites that we found that we will be finger printing and trying to get some identifications on subjects that may have been here.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, authorities initially thought there were only nine fields, but a helicopter discovered four more growing operations nearby.

Deputies said they suspect the responsible individuals are from outside the immediate area.

“It’s pretty obvious that they are not going to be residents of Polk County – they were living out here on this site, these were pretty elaborate campsites,” Lyons told Polk County Today.

Source: The Blaze

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