Man attacked by gator in Houston lake

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July 7, 2014
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July 7, 2014

A Houston man was simply on a fishing trip, but he picked the wrong lake. The lake was filled about 100 gators, and one of them attacked.

It was eight feet long  with about 80 teeth.

Alex Versace, a witness, said, “The gator was just you know attacking him constantly, just snapping at him the whole entire time.”

An elderly man was fishing at Sheldon Lake State Park when he felt a bite.

He said he saw all the the warning signs, but had no idea what was under the murky water: an adult male gator with an eye on his fish.

Versace said, “We saw the alligator come back up, and he was like, wait a minute; I’m going to give it to you.”
As he calmly removed the hook, the alligator attacked.

Laura Valdez immediately sprang into action.
“When he went like that, the alligator bit him in the hand.  So I stopped, ran back and pulled him up and ran with him,” she said.

Valdez carried the man to safety.

Texas Parks and Wildlife later euthanized the alligator. Meanwhile, the fisherman reacted like only a Texan could.

“Right before getting in the stretcher, he was like, I want my pliers, so i did come out and get them for him,” said Versace.

The fisherman was treated for his injuries and was released from the hospital not long after.

Source: WHAS

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