Washington DC Metro Police Officially Enforcing Ban on Carry Once Again

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July 30, 2014
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As we reported yesterday, a 90 stay has been issued in the Palmer v DC case which means that DC’s ban on the carry of firearms is back on the books for the time being.

Yesterday evening, following the ruling, a press release was issued by the Washington DC Metro Police

(Washington, DC) – In light of the court issuing a stay of the Palmer v. District of Columbia order, Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier today issued a notice to members of the Metropolitan Police Department rescinding two teletypes related to firearms. All laws related to firearms regulation and crimes remain in effect

The decision was further elaborated on via a subsequent teletype to officers,

Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. of trhe U.S. District Court, issued a stay of his order of July 26, 2013 in Palmer v. District of Columbia. Implementation of his order is delayed for 90 days while the stay is in place. Therefore, Teletypes 07-137-14 and 07-138014 are rescinded. All laws related to firearms regulation and crimes remain in effect.

Although the stay takes effect immediately, we must recognize that members of the public may not be aware that all firearms laws in the District are once again in effect. Officers are reminded to handle all matters regarding firearms with caution, while relying on their professionalism and training to support sound judgement while both serving public safety and respecting the rights of individuals.

Following the initial decision in the Palmer case it was found by the court that DC’s complete ban on the carry of firearms outside of the home was unconstitutional. This led to an immediate action by DC Metro PD to cease enforcing DC’s ban on carry. This resulted in approximately 2 days when Washington DC was essentially a “constitutional carry” district.

Several people posted photos and videos and their carry experiences in DC during this time.

Source: GunsSaveLives.net

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