Bear walking upright like a man video: No hoax, bear walks this way for a reason

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A bear walking upright like a man is caught on video as he strolls through a N.J. neighborhood. While folks first thought this was a hoax and nothing more than a man in a bear suit, experts say it is the real deal and they think they know the reason the bear is walking upright like a human, according to NJ. com on Aug. 7.

The video has gone viral of this bear walking through Jefferson Township like he belongs there just as much as anyone else. Many people question whether this is the real thing or a hoax, like the title of a Buzz Feed article today, which asks if the bear is for real. Experts assure folks this is a real bear walking on its hind legs.

Tracy Leaver, who is the executive director of Woodlands Wildlife Range warns that this bear is injured, so be aware that it “needs to be left alone.” This is why he is walking upright and although it looks bizarre, the bear is hurt and this is how he needs to walk at this time.

The bear has injuries to both its front legs and its paws. His elbow is also possibly injured. No matter how adorable the bear looks walking like a man, the bear is in pain and that is why it is not putting the pressure of walking on its front limbs and paws. A man captured the video of this bear, which went viral and can be seen above, as it walks through the neighborhood as if it were on the way to visit someone!

Officials are not sure how the bear received these injuries, but from the looks of things, he probably was hit by a car, said Kelcey Burguess, who is a black bear biologist with the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife. The bear is being monitored by this department and it is expected to make a full recovery.

It is already showing signs of healing, as it is becoming more mobile, said Burguess, who reports that this bear is “going to be just fine.” The department will continue to monitor the progress of the bear and for now the decision is to let the bear heal on its own.

The best source of information has come from the residents in the area calling in and reporting on this bear, who is walking upright like a human. Burguess said that they are asking the residents in the area to let the department know how the bear is doing when you spot him. “They can tell us more than anything,” said Burguess.

Anyone who is able to capture pictures or videos of this bear is asked to post them on the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge Facebook page. They can also call 908-730-8300 if they spot the bear. Another way to report this bear sighting is to email the refuge at: [email protected].

Leaver stressed that if people are going to observe the bear, they need to do it from a distance. “The attention is causing more stress for him.” The worst thing to do in this situation is to feed the bear. This will create a “problem bear” if he gets use to humans providing him food.

Last year an injured cub was fed along with its family. The end result was that the mother bear had to be shot after getting in and rummaging through someone’s house. Feeding the bears are not helping them.

Source: Examiner


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