Jet Skier crashes into humpback whale, catches dramatic moment on camera (Video)

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August 21, 2014
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August 21, 2014

This daredevil Jet Skier had an extremely close call after crashing into a humpback whale as he cruised a wave.

The adrenaline junkie was riding off the coast of Iceland when the gigantic marine mammal appeared out of nowhere.

Dramatic head-cam footage shows him hitting the beast on the back, before gliding off back into the water. Incredibly, both he and the whale escape unharmed.

YouTube user wwwmorganis uploaded the astonishing clip on Sunday and it’s already been seen more than 30,000 times.

“On a good sunny afternoon in Iceland,” he wrote in the description. “Humpback whale got in the way for me and i hit it with my jetski. No harm done tho :)”

Some viewers have slammed the rider for endangering the whale, but wwwmorganis replied by saying: “The whales where (sic) a good distance from us and we where (sic) not trying to hit them.”

“The jetski has not sharp edges nor has it open propeller to harm it,” he added. “If anything i don’t think a 30 tonn (sic) whale has a bruise from a 300 kg jetski bumping its side. Calm down. please.”

Source: NY Daily News


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