Mysterious And Massive ‘Red Blob’ Washes Up On Australian Beach

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A mysterious and massive red blob has washed up on an Australian beach.

Debbie Higgs Mt Coolum resident was taking pictures at Mudjimba Beach when she stumbled upon a large pink and ‘bloody’ blob that appeared even to be alive, writes Nature World News.

Just about as long as an arm and less than a foot wide, Higgs really wanted to know what it was she was looking at, so naturally she Tweeted about it.

‘It’s definitely not a plant, it feels spongy like a jelly fish,’ Higgs told local media.

‘It’s cold and rather smelly.’

Higgs, who tagged the Sunshine Coast Daily in her tweets, also told the paper that she was convinced that when she first found the blob on the beach, it was still alive, writes Nature World News.

‘I gave it a poke and it wriggled a bit,’ she said.

‘It looks like a slug, it’s got ribbing.’

According to the Daily, the woman wrapped the strange creature in a towel and brought it home with her.

Either along the journey or perhaps before – the creature may have died.

The woman reportedly did not think that it was a part of an eaten animal or plant, as some commenter’s had suggested, writes Nature World News.

Some commenters have even suggested said it could be the placenta of a marine mammal, but Higgs says it was too whole.

Marine experts at the Queensland Museum later tweeted at Higgs through the Daily, telling her that the blob is most likely a Spanish Dancer sea slug, judging by its coloration and the ‘frills’ circling it.

Spanish dancers are the largest of nudibranch sea slugs – affectionately called “nudies” – and can grow up to 15 feet in length.

They are also one of the few nudies that swim short distances, thrashing or ‘dancing’ above the ocean floor to get from place to place, writes Nature World News.

Past research has also found the ‘nudies’ living along pipelines running close to the Australian shore, which may be where this one came from.

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