The day Jaws met his match: Unfortunate shark is eaten alive by a monster crocodile

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August 6, 2014
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August 6, 2014

Sharks and crocodiles are predators in their own right, but who would win a fight if the two creatures came up against each other?

The answer is a crocodile – at least if this photo is anything to go by.

Andrew Paice, 43, managed to capture the moment this 5.5 metre crocodile named Brutus latched onto a bull shark in the Northern Territory before it swam off into the mangroves to devour its prey.



The ordeal took place in Kakadu’s Adelaide River on Tuesday when Mr Paice was on a river cruise with his partner Nikki and seven-year-old daughter Madison.

‘The tour guide had Brutus jumping at some meat the first time we went past him. Brutus is quite well known up here… he jumps really high for an old crocodile,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We were near the end of the tour and we’d fed all of the crocodiles along the river. We were on our way back to the jetty when we saw (the crocodile) had something in his mouth.’

The tour guide, Morgan from Adelaide River Cruises, backed the boat back just as Brutus the crocodile was on the river bank with the shark in its mouth.

‘The shark was definitely alive… it was still wriggling. The crocodile slid back into the water and the shark started to flip around a bit. The the crocodile swam into the mangroves, I guess to protect his catch,’ Mr Paice said.

‘I never even thought about a crocodile catching a shark before. It was absolutely amazing to see. Everyone was astonished. I was amazed I even caught it on camera.’

Mr Paice, who lives in Sydney, is four months into a year long trip around Australia with his partner and daughter.

‘There’s some amazing sites to see up here. To see the jumping crocodiles was pretty amazing but then to see this… I think it will be pretty hard to top,’ he said.

They have already travelled through Queensland and are now part way through the Northern Territory, before they head down into Western Australia.

Brutus the killer crocodile is believed to be around 80 years old – and has a front leg missing which he is believed to have lost during a fight with a shark.

Source: Daily Mail

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