Whale Shark Sneaks Up on Diver, Hear His Reaction

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A videographer filming a spear fisherman under water probably didn’t think that he would become the star of a new viral video.

While focused on the diver and another fish, the videographer didn’t realize something much larger was creeping toward him.

When the fisherman pointed and the videographer turned to look, there was only one thing he could do — scream.

The mouth of a whale shark, the largest of fish species reaching up to 40 feet long, was coming right toward the him. Thankfully, its mouth was closed.

Once the shark passed him without incident, the videographer’s scream turned into a garbled, yet relieved chuckle. The other driver hitched a quick ride on the shark’s dorsal fin.

Watch the footage:

Fortunately for the men under water, whale sharks feed on plankton, not larger prey.

According to the video’s description, this recent sighting occurred in the Atlantic Ocean. According to National Geographic, whale sharks are warm water dwellers and are generally seen in tropical areas.

Source: The Blaze


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