What Happened While a Man Was Filming a Blue Sky Sent Shock Waves Through His Body

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Robb Montejano took his camera out in Seattle hoping to catch lighting in an unusual storm and ended up getting much closer to the weather than he anticipated.

“I just felt this surge of electricity go ‘boom’ through my body,” Montejano told KOMO-TV of the incident that occurred over the weekend near Green Lake. “The electricity flowing through my body. I can’t describe it. It was amazing.”

Though the footage doesn’t appear to capture a typical lightning storm — the sky was blue with some scattered white clouds — in less than 30 seconds there was a streak of light across the frame and what sounded like a large clap of thunder. Montejano yelled and everything went black.

Watch the footage:

KOMO reported that firefighters evaluated Montejano and said he was doing fine, at least physically.

Montejano explained to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson (via My Northwest) that what he heard outside at first sounded like the Blue Angles. When he got a closer look, he saw the flash and thought he would try to capture another on video to show his family.

“I made possibly the world’s worst decision,” Montejano told Monson. “I’m standing there in the middle of an open field, the highest point in a lightning storm, and I’m trying to video it.”

Even after being hit on Saturday, Montejano said he continued to feel “tingling and aching” for the rest of the day. The next day he told the radio station his arms felt like they were “on fire,” but he was improving.

Discovery News reported that it’s not unheard of for lightning strikes to happen even if the sky appears clear.

Source: The Blaze

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